Registration Form






The following numbered notes correspond with those in the Registration Form




The leading conventioneer should complete this section (e.g. husband or wife of a couple). The credential name is the name or callsign to be put on your name tag.


Please complete the mailing address of the leading conventioneer.


Please give the contact details of the head of your group/family. Please ensure that your email address is correct as we will contact you through this email address to confirm your registration and if necessary, advise how to make advance payments and/or deposit to guarantee your hotel reservations.          


Please give the name(s) and credential name(s) of your companion(s).


For extra accommodation pre and post convention only. Please note that the fees and room charges may be subject to change and availability.


Payment can be made in cash upon registration OR  by bank transfer.


You may make the payment by bank transfer to the following bank account and send the evidence of payment to the organizing committee by email . Please indicate the payer's name/entity. Please show the copy of the evidence of payment upon registration.  (An additional B$300 is required if you choose single room occupancy).



Pay To:

Account Name :   Persekutuan Radio Amatur Negara Brunei Darussalam
Account No :         00-014-02-0067479                                           
Bank Name:          Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam 
Swift code No:       BIBDBNBB                                           


Please note that airport transportation is included. (Hotel to Airport , and Airport to Hotel). In case you miss the airport pick-up, please take the public transport at the airport.


If you require us to arrange alternative transportation from airport to hotel or hotel to airport, please advise us of your arrival and departure details.


Please advise us of your special requirements on food, and medical requirements if any.


Please indicate if you need our assistance for your visa application. If required, we can issue an official invitation letter and provide all other necessary assistance.




Please complete the above form, save it your name or Callsign and email it together with your passport-size photograph to 

Your signature will not be necessary if the form is sent to us by email, however, you may be requested to sign your application form upon checking in after your arrival.  

Click here for a Chinese Version of registration form.



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